Australian Made: I am Strong

In celebration of International Women’s Day a naked woman stands strong in a series of poses calling halt to exploitation, halt to violence, and halt to the idea that the only form of female beauty is young and slim. With age comes wisdom, strength and a supple round body.

My series I AM STRONG is for women to celebrate and remember the need to stand against prejudice and violence and to appreciate their bodies as a sign of a life lived well.

A naked woman stands strong in contrast to the much more usual understanding of women as soft creatures who as they grow older and rounder hide their bodies behind layers of protective clothing.

This woman is depicted in a series of quickly drawn poses, showing her body as strong and supple. The 18 images were created by first drawing ink pen and wash on paper, then transferring the images to metal plates using the solar etching technique, then taking a series of prints onto strong and supple paper using safe wash etching inks.


i am-strong-image